"From the initial consultationall the way to making sure my sprinklersystem was tweaked perfectly, the U.P. irrigation staff was always timely, diligent, and precise. After the initial consultation, Johnpresented me with various options for my sprinkler system in orderto meet the needs of my current lawn and any future expansions to my lawn. I will continue to use U.P. Irrigation because of their "stand behind their product and service"attitude."

    - Brett Conklin

"Since U.P. Irrigation designed and installed my sprinkler system my yard has never looked better. I was impressed with the amount of care and detail that went into the planning of my irrigation system. With three large areas to cover, my system adequately covers my entire lawn in 3 zones without any hot spots. Unlike many contractors, service doesn't end after the sale,U.P. Irrigation insures complete satisfaction and is always willing to make adjustments. My lush, green lawn is envied by all that visit."

    - Tom McLain

"My inground irrigation system was well worth the time and investment. My yard is quite large and irregular. I was forever setting and pulling watering hose as well as sprinklers. In just one day I had a complete system installed and I have never pulled another hose and never will. My yard is the evny of the neighborhood."

    - Jim Seabury

"I used UP Irrigation in 2004 to do my entire yard project. John and his staff were outstanding to work with, From the inception of the project to the service I get to day it has been a wonderful experience. John is very knowledgeable and my system was planned out and laid out very well. As with every large project there were adjustments to be made but John was always very timely in returning and making the proper adjustments to make me the customer very happy. Not only did they install my system they also laid my sod. I live in a real nice neighborhood and I would say my lawn is one of the best of 60 homes. This is a quality sprinkler system that is easy to operate, The coverage in my 1 acre yard is fantastic. Even in the dead of summer I have a beautiful yard. I recommend John and Up Irrigation every time I can because of their work and the quality service you receive. Lastly but as important john always has you laughing while he is working and there just is not enough of that in the world today!"

    - Michael Fedrizzi

"I should have put the system in years ago. Your system works really well even though I'm on a 4 GPM well. I'd recommend the system highly and also the fine service."

    - Ray Adamini

"We had UP Irrigation put in our system last summer and we could not be happier. We have a very large one acre plus lawn and they had the system installed in one day!! These guys really know their stuff, their product and service is top notch. The system is so easy to use during the summer and shut down in the fall. Cant wait to watch the sprinkler system in action again next summer."

    - Scott Larson

"We have a large corner lot that gets sun from daylight to dark and our lawn was in dire need of some help. I tried for years to do it right. I seeded every year, I fertilized, I weeded and I even made a sprinkler system using hoses and sprinkler heads. Every time it was mowing day, I would have to move the hoses, then Id have to put them back out when I wanted to water. Id usually forget the water on and not only did the lawn get OVER watered, my water bill went through the roof. I would forget to water completely or if we were out of town, the lawn wouldnt get watered at all. Anyway you look at it, the lawn wasnt getting the right amount of water to flourish. Finally I had enough and I called UP Irrigation. John came to the house and explained everything and answered any questions we had. He helped us decide what was the most economical system for us and our property. His crew was quick you barely knew they had even been there. I still seed, fertilize and weed my yard but now I dont have to think or worry about watering. John helped us set up a schedule. All we have to do is turn the unit on in the spring and forget it. My lawn is watered properly and my water bill is back where it should be. I should have called John sooner. I would recommend that anyone whos contemplating an irrigation system call John Coyne at UP Irrigation, hes friendly, his crew cleans up after theyve installed the system and he backs up his product."

    - Annette Olander